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Purple Flowers

About Beatrice

Beatrice is a highly skilled freelancing digital creator with a specialization in photography, videography, and editing. She has accumulated more than 5 years of experience in the field, allowing her to develop a discerning eye for producing captivating content across various industries.

Beatrice's educational background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television Editing, which she obtained from DePaul University. This academic foundation equipped her with the necessary technical skills and theoretical knowledge to excel in her chosen career path.

In 2020, Beatrice joined Michael J Webdell, LLC, a media marketing agency. During her time there, she had the opportunity to work on notable projects such as "Live from Church Street," a television show based in Nashville. Additionally, she contributed her expertise to the creation of commercials for local businesses, enhancing their visual appeal and message.

One of Beatrice's accomplishments came in 2022 when a commercial she worked on, titled "Too Randy?," received the Silver Telly Award for Local Television under $2,500. This recognition highlights her ability to deliver high-quality content that stands out among industry peers.

With her extensive experience, artistic skills, and a track record of successful projects, Beatrice continues to offer her expertise as a freelance digital creator. Clients can trust her to bring their vision to life and produce compelling content that meets their specific needs.

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